Bard Ermentrout

Most of the examples and exercises in the book have been designed to be solvable with the ordinary differential equations solution and analysis package XPPAUT. One reason that we emphasize the use of XPPAUT rather than one of the other available packages is that XPPAUT is distributed at no cost and runs under both Unix and Windows environments. XPPAUT will also run under the new Macintosh operating system OSX with the appropriate Xwindows server. The second reason is that XPPAUT incorporates the bifurcation package AUTO, which is not included in other packages. The Windows version of XPPAUT, Winpp, uses a different bifurcation package, as explained below.

XPPAUT can be obtained from the web site of Bard Ermentrout, the developer. The site contains instructions for the installation of XPPAUT on various platforms, as well as a very useful tutorial. The web site is: http ://www.math.pitt. edu/ bard/xpp/xpp.html.

In addition, there is a full-length book describing the details of XPPAUT available [Ermentrout, 2002]. The tutorial in this appendix will introduce the reader to the main tools available in XPPAUT that are necessary to solve most of the exercises in this book.

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