Acute and lymphomatous ATL

Results of myeloablative allogeneic transplantation have been described in 28 patients with acute (n = 23) and lymphomatous (n = 5) ATL (Table 63.3).61-71 Median age was 44.5 years (range 15-51 years); 28.6% of patients had relapsed, refractory, or progressive disease at the time of transplant, and 21.4% had a PR. Sixty-four percent of donors were HTLV-1 seronegative. Only three patients received a matched unrelated donor (MUD) transplant, two a T-cell-depleted transplant, and one a two-antigen mismatch related transplant. All patients achieved a CR after transplantation. Median OS was 14 months (range 1.6-80+ months). Survival data, based on (i) donor HTLV-1 status, (ii) ATL subtype, and (iii) recipient status at the time of transplant, have been evaluated in patients who received an MRD, unmanipulated, allotransplant. Median OS for recipients of donor HTLV-1-seropositive stem cells was 9.7 months (range 4.5-80+ months) compared to 8.6 months (range 4.1-34.4+ months) for donor HTLV-1-seronegative stem cells; for acute subtypes, 8.4 months (range 4.1-80+ months) compared to 9.3 months (range 9.3-23.3+ months) for lymphomatous subtypes; and for patients transplanted in CR, 13 months (range 10.1-34.4+ months) compared to 9.3 months (range 9.3-80+ months) and 4.5 months (range 4.1-24+ months) for patients transplanted in PR and with progressive, relapsed, or refractory disease, respectively

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