Allogeneic Transplantation

Allogeneic transplantation has only been evaluated in patients with refractory MCL, and it has been shown to induce durable remissions in some cases.77 Twenty MCL patients underwent allogeneic transplant using a myeloablative regimen at the University of Nebraska.78 Nine of 20 patients are alive and disease-free 1-9 years posttransplant. A trial investigating nonmyeloabla-tive transplant in 18 patients with MCL who had failed multiple prior chemotherapies, including 28% who had failed prior ASCT, has been published. CR was achieved in 17 of 18 patients, and with a median follow-up of 26 months the estimated 3-year survival rate and current PFS was 85.5% and 82%, respectively.77

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