Allogeneic transplantation

There is very little published experience with allo-geneic stem cell transplantation for transformed lymphomas, although it is possible that patients might benefit from this approach, because of a graft-versus-lymphoma effect or because this approach eliminates the possibility of infusing malignant cells with the autograft. Rare patients with transformed lymphomas have been included in larger series of allogeneic transplantation for lymphoma, although it is impossible to identify results in these specific patients.89,90 A French cooperative group analysis of allogeneic transplants for aggressive NHL included 14 patients who had transformed low-grade lymphomas or CLL out of a total of 73 cases.91 The only patient who relapsed more than 15 months after transplant had a transformed low-grade lymphoma and relapsed with low-grade histology 7 years after transplant. A report from the University of Chicago described one patient with transformed lymphoma who was alive and well 70 months following allogeneic transplantation.92 A report of reduced-intensity allogeneic transplantation from MD Anderson Cancer Center described two patients with transformed low-grade lymphomas who died of transplant-related complications.93

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