Amd 3100

AMD 3100 is a selective antagonist of the chemokine receptor CXCR4, which is present on WBCs. AMD 3100 also reversibly blocks the binding of CXCR4 with SDF-1. In a phase I study, it was noted that AMD 3100 induced leucocytosis. Broxmeyer et al. demonstrated a 40-fold increase in the mobilization of hematopoietic progenitors within 1 h of AMD 3100 injection in mice.43 Results from a phase-I study in 10 healthy vol-unteers44 and 13 patients with multiple myeloma or NHL45 demonstrated that AMD 3100 rapidly mobilized PBSC. The absolute CD34+ cell count increased from 2.6/^L to 15.6/^L, and 16.2/^L at 4 h and 6 h, respectively, after AMD 3100 administration. Recent studies confirm that AMD 3100 and G-CSF are synergistic. Injection of AMD 3100 given on the fifth day of G-CSF resulted in a striking 50-fold increase in the number of circulating CD34+ cells. In addition, PBSC mobilized by AMD 3100 have a higher repopulation potential in human-mouse xenografts than G-CSF-mobilized PBSC. Liles et al.46 recently demonstrated that a 240 ^g/kg injection of AMD 3100 followed the same day of a single large volume leukapheresis yielded a mean of 3.1 X 106 CD34+ cells/kg. Based on these results, AMD 3100 may not only be effective for the rapid mobilization of CD34+ cells in patients who have received chemotherapy, but also for mobilization of normal volunteer donors.

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