Applying Prognostic Scores

Prognostic scores previously described can be grouped into two categories. The first category includes those that are easy to calculate, i.e., without the help of a calculator. A simple adding of adverse factors present is generally sufficient to select patients at low or high risk.

Among these are the scores proposed by the GHSG, the EORTC Lymphoma Group, the St Bartholomew's Hospital & Christie Hospital team, the MSKCC, the EBMT, and the IPI, and all scores derived from pediatric data.13'15'20'21'23'24'33-35 The second category includes scores that necessitate more or less sophisticated calculation. It concerns the scores proposed by the BNLI, the SNLG, and by Gobbi et al.12'22'28'31 Prognostic scores belonging to the second category have probably no chance to be used by others in contrast to the IPI score, for example, that has been adopted by most groups involved in the management of advanced stage disease.

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