Bl22 Immunogenicity Plasma Levels And Toxicity In Hcl Patients

High levels of neutralizing antibodies were observed in patients 5, 9, and 12 after cycles 1, 1, and 5, respectively. Patient 5 had preexisting low levels of neutralizing antibodies prior to receiving BL22. Patient 2 had low levels of neutralizing antibodies after cycle 5. Plasma levels in patients with high disease burden increased greatly on subsequent cycles after patients responded. Dose-limiting toxicity in patient 5 included a cytokine release syndrome in patient 5 with fever, hypotension, bone pain, and weight gain (VLS) without pulmonary edema, which resolved within 3 days. Patients 8 and 13 had a completely reversible hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS),

Table 33

3 BL22 in patients with HCL

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