All T cells B-cell subset

CD5+ DLBCL Mantle cell lymphoma Most (All) CLL

1. Negative regulator of B-cell receptor (BCR) signalling.

2. Stimulates autocrine IL10 production inhibiting apoptosis.

Rare in DLBCL MCL usually negative.

Most CLL

1. A key molecule for B-cell activation and growth.

2. Low-affinity IgE receptor.

3. Soluble forms (released by catalytic activity of ADAM 8/15/28) have potent mitogenic activity. Levels correlate with disease activity.

4. Upregulated by IL4.


B-cells—component with CD79a of the BCR

LOW expression in CLL.

CD79a/b heterodimer is critical for BCR signaling and regulates allelic exclusion, proliferation, differentiation, anergy, and apoptosis in mature B cells. ACD79b, an alternative splice transcript, is expressed preferentially in CLL.

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