Chromosome 11q13

t(11;14) is observed in 15-20% of myeloma by FISH.39,40 In particular, it is much more common in IgM, IgE, and nonsecretory myeloma. The breakpoints are widely scattered over a region 100-330 kb centromeric to cyclin D1, in contrast to mantle cell lymphoma, where the breakpoints are tightly clustered within 110 kb upstream of cyclin D1.41 Cyclin D is likely to be a candidate oncogene, as supported by its being overexpressed in myeloma patients and cell lines with t(11;14).

Early studies suggested that t(11;14) was associated with a poor prognosis.24'25'40'42 However, subsequent studies by interphase FISH have not confirmed the prognostic relationship.40 A t(11;14) has been associated with a specific plasma cell morphology. Robillard et al. described an association between CD20 positiv-ity, small mature plasma cell morphology, and t(11;14).1 Another study showed an association between t(11;14) and a lymphoplasmacytoid mor-phology.43 There also appeared to be a link between this morphologic subtype of MM, the t(11;14), and nonsecretory MM.43

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