Cmyc Rearrangement

C-myc rearrangement has been found in about 15% of myeloma and primary plasma cell leukemia in a large cohort of patients examined by interphase FISH,60 in 50% of advanced myeloma,61 and in 55-95% of myeloma cell lines.6061 Those that involve the Ig loci, i.e., t(8;14) and t(8;22), account for only 25%, with the remaining being highly complex and heterogeneous rearrangements with nonreciprocal translocations, multiple deletions, and duplications. C-myc rearrangements correlate with elevated ^-microglobulin, which is a poor prognostic indicator. Its incidence in MGUS (3%) and smoldering myeloma (4%) is much lower than in active disease.60 For these reasons, it is reasonable to suggest that the c-myc rearrangement is a secondary/late oncogenic event.

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