Common Features In All Subtypes General

Classical Hodgkin's lymphoma is a neoplasm of B-cell origin that is histologically composed of multinucleate

Reed-Sternberg cells and mononuclear variants, known as Hodgkin cells.19 Cases of otherwise typical cHL have been described that appear to be of T-cell origin, but such cases are very rare, and their most appropriate classification is a subject of controversy.20-22 cHL is much more common than nLPHL, with cHL representing about 95% of all HL. There is a bimodal age distribution, with the first peak around 15-35 years of age, and a second peak in elderly populations. Patients typically present with nodal disease, most often involving the cervical region. Secondary involvement of extran-odal sites may occur, but primary presentation at extra-nodal locations is unusual.

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