Comparisons Of Allo Sct Versus Auto Sct Follicular

There are few trials prospectively designed to compare allo SCT versus auto SCT for follicular NHL patients. Table 65.7 illustrates the results using myeloablative preparative regimens for allo SCT as compared to auto SCT for use in follicular NHL.16 35-37 Again, most series are small in size except for communications from registry analyses, such as the recent report by van Besien et al.16 Treatment-related mortalities for allo SCT are approximately 30%, nearly a log-fold higher compared to auto SCT. On the other hand, relapse rates in the allo SCT group are significantly lower, approxi mately 20%, with no reported relapses in the small series by Verdonck.35 Such opposing effects may not offset each other and could result in improved overall survival in those receiving allo SCT, although follow-up is short.

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