Criteria For Diagnosis Of Et

1. Platelet count >600,000/mm3 on two different occasions, separated by a 1-month interval.20

2. Hemoglobin level >13 g/dL or normal red cell mass (males <36 mL/kg and females <32 mL/kg).

3. Stainable iron in marrow or normal iron studies.

4. Collagen fibrosis of marrow: (a) absent or

(b) <1/3 biopsy area without both splenomegaly and leukoerythroblastic reaction.

5. Absence of the Philadelphia chromosome or the fusion bcr/abl gene by polymerase chain reaction; absence of clonal cytogenetics abnormalities associated with myelodysplastic disorders.

6. Absence of identifiable cause of reactive thrombocy-tosis.

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