Cytogenetics And Prognosis Overview

The international prognostic scoring system (IPSS) is one of the best available systems to predict prognosis and AML evolution in MDS. The IPSS was developed by the international MDS risk analysis workshop. Data were pooled from seven previous studies that used independent risk-based prognostic systems. In a multi-variate analysis age, gender, cytogenetics, cytopenias, and bone marrow blasts were significant independent prognostic variables.47

According to cytogenetics, patients were placed into three categories: a good prognosis group with normal cytogenetics, — Y, del(5q), and del(20q); a poor prognosis group, including patients with three or more cytogenetic anomalies or chromosome 7 anomalies; and other anomalies, classified in the intermediate group. The median survival in years for good, intermediate, and poor prognosis groups were 3.8, 2.4, and 0.8 years, respectively. The time to 25% AML evolution was 5.6, 1.6, and 0.9 years, respectively.47,48

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