Effect Of Ipss Score On Outcome

IPSS scores have been shown to have a bearing on the outcome following an allogeneic SCT.78 In the more recent publication by Deeg et al.,8 the 3-year RFS was 80% for patients with low-risk MDS (IPSS score 0), which progressively decreased with increasing scores to 29% among patients with an IPSS score higher than 2 (Figure 42.1). Earlier studies had shown a similar correlation with cytogenetic risk groups and posttrans-plant outcomes in patients with MDS. Nevill et al.18 showed a 7-year event-free survival of 51%, 40%, and 6% in the good-, intermediate-, and poor-risk cytoge-netic risk groups, respectively. Since the IPSS score includes additional parameters of percentage of blasts in the bone marrow and number of cytopenias at diagnosis,

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Figure 42.1 Impact of IPSS score on outcome. The + indicates censored patient; in 7 patients, an IPSS score could not be assigned. (a) Relapse-free survival. (b) CI of relapse. (Reprinted from Ref. 8, used with permission.)

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