Epidemiology Of Hivassociated Primary Cerebral Lymphoma

Registry linkage studies confirmed a markedly increased relative risk of PCL among patients with AIDS, with an incidence as high as 2-6% in one early report.88 This high incidence of PCL was confirmed by both cohort and linkage studies. Patients who develop PCL generally have advanced immunosuppression and for the most part have had a prior AIDS-defining illness. Shortly after the introduction of HAART, a decline in the incidence of PCL was recognized by many clinicians, and a meta-analysis of cohort studies that compare the pre- and post-HAART eras confirmed a significant decline (relative risk 0.42: 99% confidence interval 0.24-0.75).17 Indeed this fall is more dramatic than that seen for systemic AIDS-related lymphomas and PCL is associated with more severe immunosuppression than systemic AIDS-related lymphoma.

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