Fludarabine Plus Rituximab Plus Cyclophosphamide

After finding the combination of FLU, CTX, and rituximab (FCR) to be active in relapsed and refractory CLL, investigators at the MD Anderson Cancer Center tested FCR in untreated, but symptomatic patients. They treated 224 patients with FLU 25 mg/m2 and CTX 250 mg/m2 for 3 days every 28 days, for six courses. In addition, rituximab 375 mg/m2 was given the day prior to the first dose of FLU, and then 500 mg/m2 was given on the first day of the subsequent five courses. The OR rate was 95%, and an impressive 70% achieved a CR.8 The median PFS at the time the study was published had not been reached, with a median of 48 months of follow-up. Toxicity was significant, but manageable, with myelosuppression and infections relatively frequent. This combination is being compared to other regimens in randomized clinical trials, but given the extraordinary results FCR is a standard first-line therapeutic option.

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