MCL comprises a group of lymphoma subtypes previously classified as centrocytic lymphoma, lymphocytic lymphoma, or diffuse small-cleaved cell lym-phoma.14-16 Two morphologic subtypes of MCL are now classified: classic or typical MCL, which comprises 90%, and the blastoid variant, which is found in 10% of cases.15 The malignant cell type of the classic or typical MCL is composed of morphologically small- to medium-sized lymphocytes with irregular nuclei and condensed chromatin, while the blastoid variant resembles lymphoblasts with medium size rounded nuclei, dispersed chromatin, and scant cytoplasm.16 The blastoid variant has a high mitotic index compared to the classic MCL and has a worse prognosis than the classic form, with a median survival of <2 years.17 Architecturally, three different patterns are recognized: mantle-zone pattern with the malignant cells surrounding normal germinal centers, nodular pattern, and diffuse pattern with loss of germinal centers.

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