and platelets not greater than 12 g/dL, 1500/mm3, and 100,000/mm3, respectively. There were six CRs, including one previously reported.38 One patient had a PR, and four patients had stable disease. At a median follow-up of more than 14 months, the duration of response was 1-33 months, with all responses ongoing. Of the six complete responders, only two had cytopenias. A second study was reported by Lauria et al., in which 10 patients with HCL were treated with rituximab (referred to as Mabthera, Roche, Inc).43 All of the patients were previously pretreated with purine analogs and interferon, and all had prior cytopenias. Responses included one CR (previously reported37), four PRs, and three marginal responses. No patients progressed at 10-24 (median 16) months from finishing therapy. Patients responded quickly, with cytopenias correcting in all responders by 3 months, except in a partial responder who had an improvement in granulo-cytes from 1000 to 1200/mm3. Cytopenias corrected in some of the marginal responders as well. Splenomegaly

Table 33.1

Rituximab trials in patients with HCL

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