The immunophenotype of most cases of CLL allows ready distinction from other malignancies of mature B cells using only a limited panel of antibodies. The coexpression of CD5 and CD23 in the presence of low-level expression of CD20 and sIg is diagnostic (Table 22.1). CD23-negative CLL is rare and has been associated with a poor prognosis; whether it harbours specific genetic abnormalities is not yet known.

A more comprehensive analysis of the CLL cell surface has been performed assessing expression of a variety of other cell surface molecules in order to differentiate possible prognostic subgroups.18 All B-CLLs express the phenotype of activated B cells with overexpression of the activation markers CD23, CD25, CD69,

Table 22.1

The immunophenotype and functions of some of the molecules associated with CLL

CD antigen

Expression in lymphoid cells

Functions and comments

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