Adapted from Ref. 61.

Adapted from Ref. 61.

patterns of transformed lymphomas were similar to follicular lymphomas and markedly different than de novo diffuse large B-cell lymphomas. Loss or inactiva-tion of the p15 and p16 tumor suppressor genes has also been associated with aggressive tumors and the progression of follicular lymphomas.4647

Various cytogenetic abnormalities have been identified in transformed lymphomas, although the t(14;18) translocation is generally retained. Breaks involving bands 6q23-26 and 17p were associated with a significantly shorter time to transformation for follicular lymphomas (P < 0.001).48

Various genetic abnormalities associated with histo-logic transformation of follicular lymphomas are displayed in Table 67.2. These results suggest that histo-logic transformation of follicular lymphomas frequently involves acquired genetic lesions, although no common pathways have been identified.62

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