(platelets < 100,000/mm3)

(platelets < 100,000/mm3)

examination are taken into account, for it is recognized that if CAT scans are made the basis for staging, few patients would fall into stage 0 (low-risk category), because it is likely that CAT scan would reveal an enlarged node in the chest, abdomen, or pelvis. Similarly, many of Binet's stage A patients might become stage B, and their respective prognostic and clinical implications would become unclear. In view of both systems of staging having certain weaknesses, and that their true value is to provide some direction for decision making for therapeutic intervention and assessment of success or failure of any therapy, clinical staging in CLL should continue to be based only on findings following physical examination.

In addition to clinical staging, certain other features also have been recognized as helpful in decision-making of whether initiation of treatment is indicated.

ble 24.2 Binet Staging System in CLL

Clinical Stage


Median Survival (months)

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