Figure 52.15 Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, unspecified. This case displays a diffuse infiltrate of small- to inter-mediate-sized cells with pale cytoplasm admixed with occasional large transformed cells however, the phenotype is aberrant, with loss of at least one T-cell antigen. Such cases often require extensive immunophenotypic studies with numerous antibodies to confirm a T-cell lineage. CD30 may be expressed on a subset of the malignant cells in some cases.83

Molecular genetics: Clonal T-cell receptor rearrangements are usually detectable by PCR and/or Southern blot studies. Most cases of PTCLU will display a complex karyotype by classical cytogenetic studies, but specific, recurrent karyotypic abnormalities have not been identified. Genomic profiling studies have identified a complex pattern of recurrent chromosomal gains and losses,84 but the diagnostic significance of such changes remains to be determined.

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