1 year

EFS, event-free survival; OS, overall survival.

EFS, event-free survival; OS, overall survival.

the patients, and >50% reduction in 30% of the patients; NCR or CR occurred in 14%, more frequently in patients with low plasma cell labeling index and normal CG. Two-year event-free and overall survival rates were 20 ± 6% and 48 ± 6%, respectively. Superior 2-year event-free and overall survival was seen in patients with normal CG, normal plasma cell labeling index, and p2 -microglobulin of 3 mg/L or less. The therapy was well tolerated considering that most of the patients were previously heavily treated for their advanced disease. At least one third of patients had mild or moderate constipation, weakness or fatigue, or somnolence. More severe adverse effects were infrequent (occurring in fewer than 10% of patients), and hematologic effects were rare.43 Similar findings have been reported by other study groups (Table 87.1).

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