Clinical uses

Mechanism of action

Common toxicities

Nitrosoureas Carmustine

Myeloma, HD, NHL, BMT

Metabolized to active alkylating agent plus isocyanate compounds that may exert additional cytotoxic effects


■ DLT = Myelosuppression (onset 14 days, complete recovery may take 6-8 weeks14)

■ Severe nausea/vomiting (onset 2-6 h)

■ Pain at injection site

■ Facial flushing, dizziness

■ Nephrotoxicity (glomerulosclerosis, tubular loss, interstitial fibrosis)

■ Hyperpigmentation Chronic

■ Pulmonary toxicity; interstitial pneumonitis and fibrosis

Triazenes Procarbazine

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