International Database on Hodgkins lymphoma IDHD experience

In 1989, more than 14,000 cases were collected from 20 cooperative groups or institutions.30 Data was used by Gobbi and coworkers to confirm the predictive equation that estimates for a given individual his/her EMST including deaths from all causes.2231 Factors selected were roughly similar to those previously published (see earlier section): age, gender, clinical stage, histologic subtype, B symptoms, serum albumin, and distribution of involved areas. An equation was derived: EMST = Exp [3.75 + 1.25 clinical stage I + 0.77 clinical stage II + 0.46 clinical stage III - 0.00046 age2 + 0.85 histologic type + 0.42 B symptoms - ln (serum albumin in percentile) - 0.25 gender + 0.25 involved area distribution], with EMST expressed in months.

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