Lymphocytedepleted Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma General

The definition of lymphocyte-depleted classical Hodgkin's lymphoma (LDCHL) has changed dramatically over the years. Using WHO criteria, LDCHL is now defined as a diffuse proliferation of numerous Reed-Sternberg cells and variants (with an appropriate immunophenotype) without accompanying lymphocytes. Many of the cases that in the past were classified as lymphocyte depletion based upon hema-toxylin and eosin morphology alone would currently be categorized as either non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (especially anaplastic large cell lymphomas) or so-called "syncytial variant" nodular sclerosis cHL. As currently defined, LDCHL is a rare entity, and there is little reliable data in the literature regarding such cases. In Western countries, this subtype appears to be somewhat more common in patients with HIV or other types of immunosuppression.

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