Making The Diagnosis

The clinical diagnosis of AMM is highly unlikely in the absence of a palpable spleen. Examination of the peripheral blood smear is very important, as typical teardrop RBCs, immature granulocytes, nucleated ery-throid cells and abnormalities of platelet and megakary-ocytic morphology are seen in the blood film. The diagnosis of early myelofibrosis requires an experienced hematopathologist, but as the disease advances, the degree of fibrosis and osteosclerosis makes the disease readily apparent. As in ET, about 50% of patients express abnormality of JAK2 in the periferal blood or marrow.23 In about 20% of patients with CML, significant fibrosis is noted when the patient is first encountered.2 Therefore, appropriate cytogenetic and molecular tests to exclude CML should be performed in patients with AGM.

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