Monoclonal Antibodies For Treatment Of The Lymphocytepredominant Histology

The anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody rituximab has demonstrated clinical efficacy in lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin's lymphoma (LPHL) where Hodgkin's cells express B-cell antigens such as CD20.72 Several multicenter phase II trials testing rituximab on refractory patients with LPHL are ongoing. In one study, 11 patients with CD20+ Hodgkin's lymphoma were treated with rituximab at the standard dose of 375 mg/m2, weekly for 4 weeks; nine patients (82%) achieved a complete response for which median duration was 14 months.60 Similar results have been obtained in a trial involving 22 patients with recurrent LPHL, with an overall response rate of 100%.73

Treatment with rituximab was less successful in a series of 22 patients with classical Hodgkin's lymphoma, with an overall response rate of 23% and a median duration of response shorter than 8 months.74

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