Moppabv hybrid

This "hybrid' regimen is described in Table 73.6. Patients receive parts of a MOPP cycle combined with components of an ABVD cycle, over a 1-month period. An Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) trial showed a high response rate for this regimen coupled with an OS advantage when compared with sequential MOPP followed by ABVD regimen.64 However, two other trials failed to show any FFS or OS benefit from the MOPP/ABV hybrid, when compared to an alternating regimen of MOPP/ABVD.65,66 These mixed results prompted the initiation of an intergroup trial comparing the hybrid regimen with the standard ABVD chemotherapy. Results from this trial showed no statistical difference in FFS and 5-year OS between the two arms.67 However, the MOPP/ABV hybrid was associated with significant treatment-related deaths, secondary malignancies, and infections.67 As ABVD has the same overall efficacy with less toxicity than the MOPP/ABV hybrid, it continues to be the "standard treatment" in advanced HL.

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