Myeloablative Allo Sct As First Transplant Lowgrade Follicular

Table 65.5 illustrates the results of seven reports in which follicular NHL patients were given myeloabla-tive conditioning followed by infusion of allogeneic stem cells.22-28 Aside from the IBMTR22 and EBMTR23 communications of registry data, all series are quite small and follow-up is somewhat limited for the slower growing (compared to aggressive) NHL subtypes. Relapse rates are low, partially explained by the more potent GvL effect in low-grade NHL (compared to aggressive histologies) observed with allo SCT; van

Table 65.4 Single-arm cohort (enrollment >20 patients) for myeloablative alio SCT in patients with aggressive histology NHL


No. of patients

Refractory at time allo SCT

Nonrelapse mortality


0 0

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