Myeloablative Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation

Use of allogeneic PBSCs has increased over the last several years. PBSC transplantation results in more rapid engraftment and requires shorter hospital stays than does SCT.32 Relatively few myeloablative allogeneic PBSC transplants have been performed to date in patients with multiple myeloma. In one small study, 10 patients received granulocyte colony-stimulating factor mobilized PBSCs (median of 9.7 X 108 mononuclear cells/kg and 14.3 X 106 CD34+ cells/kg) from HLA-iden-tical siblings.33 Engraftment was rapid, with a median time to both neutrophil and platelet engraftment of only 13 days. Four patients developed grade II or greater GvHD; two patients died, one of multiorgan toxicity. While follow-up is limited, the CR rate was 71%.

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