Passage Of Leukemic Cells To The Fetus

Maternal cancer cells can metastasize to the placenta, and occasionally to the fetus. Read and Platzer19 reported on 44 pregnant patients with various malignancies. They found six cases of acute leukemia involving the placenta or fetus, three patients with AML with only placental involvement (fetus not assessed in one instance), one ALL patient with placental involvement but not fetal, and two ALL patients with the placenta not examined, but ALL diagnosed in those fetuses.

Dildy et al.20 published a review on maternal malignancies metastatic to the products of conception. Out of 53 patients, there were 8 cases of either leukemia or lymphoma detected in the placental tissue. Four of these included fetal involvement.

Another case involved a patient diagnosed with acute monocytic leukemia one day after delivery of a healthy male infant; subsequently at 20 months of age, the child was diagnosed with acute monocytic leukemia.21 The histochemical staining and immunophenotyping of the mother and child's leukemic cells were identical. The child's bone marrow cytogenetic karyotype was 40% 46 XY, but the remaining 60% was 46 XX and most likely originated from his mother. The child had no other cytogenetic anomalies and both mother and child were in complete remission when last assessed.21

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