Pathology Of Pv

The blood film may show evidence of iron deficiency, neutrophilia, and basophilia and occasionally immature myeloid precursors are seen. The aspirate is usually hypercellular with increases of erythroid, granulocytic, and megakaryocytic lineages. The megakaryocytes are bigger and nuclear lobation is increased. The trephine biopsy (Figure 46.1) demonstrates a similar extent of hypercellularity. Often reticulin is increased and may be significantly increased in 10%11 Erythropoiesis is morphologically normal but abnormalities of megakaryocyte morphology are common. Megakaryocytes are not only increased but they also have abnormal morphology. Both large and small forms are seen and emperipolesis is prominent.12 Iron stores are commonly reduced or absent. Up to one-third of patients with PV progress to florid MF in the later stages of their disease, and the pathological features are then indistinguishable from primary MF.

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