Phase I And Ii Trials Of Abmt In Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Most autologous transplant trials in CML consist of small series of patients at single institutions (Table 35.5).There are no randomized data to compare the merits of autologous transplant against any other therapy for CML. By far, most series instead attempt to define a novel method of isolating Ph+ cells for harvest, typically via purging of Ph+ clones. Among the agents used in attempts to purge Ph~ cells in vitro have been chemicals such as 4-HC,51 mafosfamide,52 interferon gamma.53 Other approaches included differentiation agents, such as GM-CSF54 or extended culture to purify for Ph~ clones. In small series, all of these approaches were seen to have transient significant activity, frequently leading to engraftment with complete cytogenetic responses. However, relapse across these studies, was near universal, typically after only a

Selected trials of autologous transplantation for chronic myeloid leukemia



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