Quality Of Life

A number of studies investigated the health-related quality of life in long-term survivors of HL. In a study from Sweden, 121 survivors were compared to a control group of 236 individuals after a median of 14 years following therapy.19 Although their physical health was diminished, the overall quality of life was not inferior in HL patients. The German Hodgkin's Lymphoma Study Group obtained a quality-of-life questionnaire from 1981 patients at a median of 5.3 years after treatment completion.20 Fatigue levels were much higher compared to the control population, even several years after completion of therapy. In an early-stage HL study comparing subtotal nodal radiation to combined modality therapy (CMT), there was a greater degree of symptom distress, fatigue, and poor quality of life with CMT at 6 months but the differences were not significant at 1 and 2 year time points.21 Again, fatigue was significantly higher before therapy and persisted after therapy in these patients compared to the general population. The recognition and acknowledgment of this excess fatigue may be reassuring to the patients and may motivate them to enter in fatigue reduction programs.

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