Radiolabeled antiTac monoclonal antibodies

Yttrium-90 radiolabeled murine anti-Tac antibody has been administered to 18 patients with ATL (11 acute, 2 lymphoma, and 5 chronic) in a phase I/II study.119 Eight patients were previously untreated. Five of nine responding patients developed HAMA against the anti-Tac antibody. Grade 3 or 4 toxicities consisted of myelosuppression (67%), transient hepatotoxicity (17%), and renal toxicity (6%). An OR rate of 56% (CR 12%; PR 44%) was achieved with response durations of 1 month to over 33 months. Responses were seen in patients with chronic (n = 3) and acute (n = 6) subtypes; only three were previously treated and five had soluble IL-2R levels of less than 10,000 U/ml.

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