Rationale For Targeting Cd22

In many B-cell lymphomas and leukemias, CD22 is displayed by the malignant cells more often than CD25.58 70-72 Moreover, CD25 " HCL is one of the most common features of HCLv. These patients are overrep-resented in the population of HCL patients requiring salvage therapy, because they do not respond well to standard therapy, even if previously untreated.10 73 CD22 is considered one of the best antigens to target in HCL and is essentially always strongly expressed.31 Although CD22 is found on normal B cells, it is not expressed on stem cells. As mentioned above, a variety of immunotoxin chemical conjugates have been used to target CD22+ leukemias and lymphomas in preclinical and clinical studies, not related to HCL.74-79

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