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Renal insufficiency (serum creatinine >2 mg/dL) is present in 20-30% of patients at diagnosis.1-7 This may be an underestimation. In a study of more than 1300 newly diagnosed patients, the frequency of renal failure increased from 31 to 49%, when the creatinine clearance was also measured.6 Renal failure affected 24% of patients with IgG, 31% with IgA, 100% with IgD, and 52% with light-chain myeloma. Advanced age, late disease stage, heavy light-chain proteinuria, and hypercalcemia were identified as risk factors.6 Occasionally, severe acute renal failure is the first manifestation of myeloma. This is often precipitated by confounding events, such as dehydration, infection, and hypercalcemia.8-10 Over the course of the disease,

Changing presenting features in multiple myeloma

Clinical features

1960-71 (1)a

1985-98 (2)

1972-86 (3)

1987-90 (3)

Age <40 (4)

Age >75 (5)


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