Scoring systems without karyotype analyses

Table 43.3 shows the main prognostic scoring systems proposed for MDS that do not include cytoge-netic factors. The Bournemouth score was the first proposed scoring system. Patients were assigned to one of three risk groups based on the number of cytopenias present and the proportion of blasts in the BM.53 The main criticism of this system is the emphasis on blood cytopenias in relation to the proportion of blasts in the BM.7 The scoring system proposed by the Spanish group uses the proportion of BM blasts, platelet count, and age.7 This system is easy to use and has been demonstrated to predict survival in other series, including untreated patients and patients treated with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor or AML-type chemotherapy.6'55 56 The Goasguen score uses only two cytopenias (hemoglobin and platelets) and blasts in the BM,54 and the Düsseldorf score includes these same variables and the serum LDH concentration.23

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