Soluble TNFa receptor etanercept

Etanercept is a dimer formed of the two monomers of the extracellular p75 TNF receptor fused to the Fc portion of human type 1 immunoglobulin. It neutralizes the TNFa levels by competitive binding.48

Raza et al. administered etanercept at a dose of 25 mg twice weekly for 12 weeks to 20 patients.49 Eighteen patients were evaluated, and while the drug was well tolerated there were no complete responders. Improvements in absolute neutrophil count (ANC) and platelets were seen in some patients, especially those with normal cytogenetics and a hypercellular bone marrow, but no improvement in the erythroid series could be documented with this approach. However, etanercept combined with thalidomide was effective in improving the cytopenia of some patients with MDS. Once again, the responses were restricted to 30-40% of MDS patients.

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