Spinal Cord Compression And Radiculopathy

Extension of vertebral body plasmacytoma and collapse of bony structures lead to compression of the spinal cord or dorsal roots by epidural tumors. Occasionally, paravertebral tumor invades the spinal canal through intervertebral foramina. The incidence

Neurologic complications

Metabolic encephalopathies: hypercalcemia, hyperviscosity syndrome, uremia Cord compression, radiculopathy Meningeal plasmacytosis/CNS plasmacytoma Cryoglobulinemia (vasculitis) Peripheral polyneuropathies POEMS syndrome/osteosclerotic myeloma Amyloid neuropathy

Polyneuropathy associated with myeloma Polyneuropathy associated with cryoglobulinemia of this complication is about 15%.58 59 The thoracic spine is more commonly involved. IgA myeloma and extensive cortical bone involvement appear to pose a greater risk.59 Plain radiographs of the spine may reveal vertebral collapse and/or vertebral or paravertebral masses. Uncommon neurologic manifestations may occur with cranial plasmacytoma, either as a part of multiple myeloma or as a solitary lesion.

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