Figure 9.3 Recall of modeled and unmodeled actions by age and condition with standard error bars, Modeling Reinstatement Experiment. Includes recall scores from the Train/Remind (Tr/Re), No-Train/Remind (No-Tr/Re), and Train/No-Remind (Tr/No-Re) conditions. From Sheffield & Hudson (1994).

Tr/Re No-Tr/Re Tr/No-Re Tr/Re No-Tr/Re Tr/No-Re when children were not active participants. Interestingly, there were no developmental differences in reinstatement effects for 14- and 18-month-olds, indicating that partial reinstatement was equally effective across this age range.

These results led us to consider how other kinds of reminders could be effective in reinstating toddlers' event memories. In real-world situations, children may regularly encounter reminders that simulate or represent their experiences in different media such as watching videos or viewing photographs in a family album. The question remained; do these reminder situations actually reinstate children's memories?

Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

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