Immediate 2-week 8-week 1 visit No reenactment reenactment reenactment reenactment

Figure 9.1 Mean number of actions recalled across experimental and control conditions with standard error bars, Reenactment Experiment 1. From Hudson & Sheffield (1998).

condition was not significantly better than that of children in the one visit control group at the 6-month test session. Thus, even for very young children, early memories may be retained for extremely long intervals if the children are given the opportunity to reenact events and if reenactment occurs at an opportune time.

Finally, we conducted another experiment to investigate whether reenacting a subset of the activities also enhances children's recall of the entire event. Two groups of 18-month-olds reenacted four of the original eight activities (either subset A or subset B) 2 weeks after training and were tested for memory of all activities 8 weeks later (see Table 9.1). The focus of this study was whether performing half of the activities (partial reenactment) could remind children of all the activities, including those that were not reenacted. We did not vary the timing of reenactment in this experiment and the 2-week

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