Maternal Correlates of Community Violence Exposure Mean Differences by Risk Levels

Means by levels of chronic community violence risk (using a median split) are presented in Table 22.2, adjusted for maternal level of education (Hollingshead education category = 1 lowest; 7 highest), and immigrant status (0 = U.S. born; 1 = foreign born). These covariates were used because they are associated with other independent variable in the study. Using maternal education and immigration status as covariates, ANCOVA analyses indicated that mothers in the high chronic community violence group reported higher partner violence to child, poorer health, higher distress, and more total internalizing and externalizing behavior problems, than those in the low chronic community violence group.

TABLE 22.2 Means by Level of Exposure Risk (n = 121)

Risk Factor

Low CCV High CCV

p level

Family violence

Partner violence to mother (CTS-R) Partner violence to child (CTS-R)

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