1. The writing of this chapter was supported in part by grants from the National 4-H Council and by the William T. Grant Foundation. Jacqueline V. Lerner and Elise Christiansen are affiliated with Boston College. Alexander von Eye is affiliated with Michigan State University. All other authors are affiliated with Tufts University. Portions of the theory of positive youth development presented in this chapter have been derived from Lerner (2004). The data presented in this chapter were reported originally in Lerner et al. (in press).

2. The colleagues at the Institute coauthoring this chapter include Jason Almerigi, Christina Theokas, Erin Phelps, Sophie Naudeau, Steinunn Gestsdottir, Lang Ma, Helena Jelicic, Amy Alberts, Lisa Smith, Isla Simpson, Elise Christiansen, Daniel Warren, and Alexander von Eye.

Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

Confidence is necessary to achieve success in life. Some effective confidence tips must be followed if you genuinely want to gain accomplishment in your work. So how do you build your confidence that will work for you in any situation? Initially, make an effort to spend time with confident people. Their vigor and strength is so stirring that you will surely feel yourself more powerful just by listening to their talk. To build confidence it is vital that you are in the midst of self-assuring people.

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