There are several important findings emerging from the studies examining young infants' abilities to form category representations for pictorial exemplars of nonhuman animals, furniture, and humans. First, infants can form both basic-level category representations for natural animal species and furniture artifacts. Second, representations for nonhuman animals are formed on-line during the course of an experiment, based on perceptual attribute or part information, and structured with summary-level information. Third, the representation for humans is observed to be global and magnet-like in attracting nonhuman animals, influenced by experience acquired prior to performing in the laboratory, structured by individual exemplars, and based on holistic, Gestalt information. As will be discussed in the concluding section of the chapter, the differences in the way that infants represent humans versus nonhuman animals may have implications for both the processes that infants deploy to organize experience and the developmental status of the resulting representations.

Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

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