Table 183

Measures Included in the Parent Questionnaire of the 4-H Study

Items about the parent/guardian Questions included relationship to the child, age, sex, current marital status, race/ethnicity, religion, health status, education level, mother's education level (if the person completing the survey was not the mother), number of years spent in current neighborhood, SES, number of children in the household, number of people in the household, primary language spoken in the household, and importance of religion in the participant's family life.

Items about the child Questions included birth date, birth order, height, weight, race/ethnicity, religion, hours of sleep per night, and clubs groups, and activities in which the child participated, both now and in the past.

goodness-of-fit with our theory. Table 18.4 presents the measurement model employed finally to index each of the Cs. The several steps followed to arrive at the measurement model for the Five Cs and PYD are discussed below.

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The Polarity Path

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