CD80 and CD86 B71 and B72

CD80 and CD86 are important immune accessory molecules that are expressed on antigen-presenting cells. CD80 and CD80 are ligands for CD28 expressed by T-cells. Coligation of CD28 and the T-cell receptor for antigen is important for inducing T-cell activation and proliferation. Phenotypic studies of human leukemia cells demonstrate that CLL cells express little or no CD80 expression and low levels of CD86 (72).

Tolba and colleagues (35) described the use of HSV-based amplicon vectors to transduce leukemia cells to express CD80. After infection, the CLL cells that expressed this molecule were able to stimulate allogeneic T-cells in mixed lymphocyte reactions. However, in this same study, CD80-expressing CLL cells appeared to be less potent antigen-presenting cells than CLL cells that were transduced to express CD154 (the CD40 ligand; see just below).

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