Over 75 5

Over 75 5

Annex 5.1B

Recommendations Relating to Storage and Transport Conditions

(This annex does not form part of the standard.)

Containers of cinnamon should be stored in covered premises, well protected from the sun, rain and excessive heat.

The store room should be dry, free from objectionable odours and proofed against entry of insects and vermin. The ventilation should be controlled so as to give good ventilation under dry conditions and to be fully closed under damp conditions. In a storage warehouse, suitable facilities should be available for fumigation.

The containers should be handled and transported such that they are protected from rain, sun or other sources of excessive heat, objectionable odours and from cross-infestation, especially in the hold of ships.

Annex 5.2

Material Safety Data for Cassia Leaf Oil (USA)

Product name : Cassia leaf oil (Chinese).

Cinnamomum cassia. US DOT Hazard class : N/A, Keep away from children.

Physical data: Appearance/odour

Solubility in water Specific gravity

: Yellowish to brownish liquid/woody, sweet, cinnamon spicy. : Insoluble.

Flash point (°F) Extinguishing media

: Carbon dioxide, dry chemical, universal-type foam.

Health hazard data

: Skin contact, eye contact, ingestion. : No.

: Irritating to skin and eyes. : Irritating to eyes. : Contact dermatitis may occur. : Irritating if inhaled — mucous membrane reaction. : Harmful if swallowed. (Note: The above effects are based on evaluation of individual components and the relevancy to the mixture as a whole or to humans is unknown).

Primary routes of exposure Carcinogenecity Effects of overexposure Eye contact effects Skin contact effects Inhalation effect Ingestion effects

Emergency first aid and procedures

Eye contact Skin contact



: Flush immediately with clean water for at least 15 minutes. Contact a physician immediately.

: Remove any contaminated clothing or shoes, wash effected areas thoroughly with soap and water. Contact a physician if necessary.

: Remove from the exposure to fresh air. If breathing has stopped administer artificial respiration and oxygen if available. Contact a physician.

: Wash out mouth with water and give water to dilute provided person is conscious. Contact a physician or local poison control room immediately.

Reactivity data

Chemically stable Conditions to avoid

Incompatibility with other materials Hazardous combustion or decomposition products

: This product presents no significant reactivity hazard. It is stable and will not react violently with water. Hazardous polymerisation will not occur. : Avoid contact or contamination with strong acids, alkalies or oxidising agents. : Carbon monoxide and unidentified organic compounds may be formed during combustion.

Spill or leak procedures

Spill, leak and waste disposal procedures:

Eliminate all ignition sources. Ventillate area, contain spill and recover free product. Absorb remainder on vermiculite or other suitable adsorbent material. Use of self contained breathing apparatus is recommended for any major chemical spills. Report spills to appropriate authorities if required.

Harvesting, Processing, and Quality Assessment of Cinnamon Products 153

Special protection information

Respiratory protection Ventillation protection Protective clothing Protective gloves Eye protection

Other protective equipment:

Avoid inhalation and contact with skin and eyes. Good personal hygiene practices should be used. Wash after any contact, before breaks and meals, and at the end of the work period. Contaminated clothing and shoes should be cleaned before re-use.

Special precautions:

Precautions to be taken in handling and storage: Place material and absorbent into sealed containers and dispose of in accordance with current applicable laws and regulations.

Other precautions:

Good manufacturing practices dictate that an eyewash fountain and/or safety shower should be available in the work area.

(Source: TGSC Occupational Health and Safety Department, The Good Scents Company, Wisconsin, USA.)

Annex 5.3

Cleanliness Specifications

Cassia and cinnamon

ASTA cleanliness specifications.

Whole insects




Insect defiled/ Extraneous

dead by count



% by

infested % foreign %

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